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Signature & Specialty Classes

We offer 24 group classes a week for every fitness level and cap them to 15 attendees each so that you can get the attention you need!




Power Trip

The test results are in: If you want to burn fat, you need to build muscle! Power Trip does just that by using interval and tempo based training to help increase strength while maintaining and improving your figure.


Strength in knowledge. Strength in power. Strength in numbers. This class is meant to help strengthen your knowledge and confidence with weight training and act as an auxiliary course for our Power Trip
9: 30AM time slots.


Maybe you've been putting it off, or maybe it's actually just been that crazy all week. Whatever the case, you need a full body conditioning blast and this class will give you just that. Need we really say more?

W.A.R (Weights and Reps)

What is it good for? Fat loss, strength increase, muscle toning, injury prevention, blood sugar, stress reduction, athletic performance... Develop your muscular endurance so that you can be phased by absolutely nothing.



Be prepared for a new full body challenge every session in The Next Step's signature class using our patented workstations!  Pull, twist, and push yourself towards a stronger core and leaner body.

Smash Therapy

Had a rough day at work? Kids driving you nuts? Things not going your way? This class was developed this class just for you. Throw balls, slam ropes, push sleds, and punch bags to leave it all in our house so you don't take it into yours.


Learn all the skills and drills necessary to be a real “Italian Stallion.” BoxFIT is a high cardio class designed to replicate the training regime of some of the boxing greats! Bringing your own gloves is highly recommended.

Mind, Mobility, Movement

Produce quality movement patterns and strengthen deep core stabilizers in this class that helps to build a foundation for advancing your fitness level.



Push things to the next level with Tanessa Shears in Sculpted: An intense circuit style workout that takes things to the next level and chisels your body down for that summer shred!

Weekend Warrior

If you take the term "no days off" seriously then this class is for you. While the city is snoozing away you can join us in interval based training, conditioning, and speed all before the clock strikes nine.


Our training director Coach J designed this signature class for muscle toning and body building alike. Fight against gravity in this tempo-based strength class and pump yourself up with superhero like agility and plyometrics.