All of our coaches are certified by some of the world’s biggest leaders in fitness education. Each unique in their own way from specialization to personality, we guarantee that we can find the right fit for you.


Jonathan Muller (ACE, FST)
Director of Personal Training

Fascial Stretch Therapy
Functional Range Conditioning

Jonathan has over 6 years of experience in the industry. From losing 100lbs to lifting over 600 he has gone through many phases of physical health and shares a great empathy with all fitness goals and struggles. Jonathan excels at strength based training, competition prep, prehab, and mobility.


Chris Dahan (ISSA)
Director of Group Fitness

Strength Training
Sports Conditioning

Chris has been a fitness advocate for most of his life having played competitive soccer, as well as lacrosse and other sports for 14 years. An Iron Addicts athlete, Chris excels at high intensity style training likely due to his history and interest in boxing, and his years training in that atmosphere.


Sarah Ma (NASM)

Sports Specific Training
Functional Fitness
Youth Strength & Conditioning

Sarah is a former netball, basketball, and volleyball athlete currently in the Human Kinetics program at Capilano University. She specializes in functional training to help assist with rehabilitation from past and current injuries. Sarah excels and has experience working with athletes as young as 11 and seniors suffering chronic disease.


Ben Ferguson (ACE, CF-L1)

Cross Training
Olympic Lifting
Weight Loss

Over the past 6 years Ben has transformed his life having lost over 200lbs of body fat as well as reaching peak physical shape through a combination of Crossfit style training, competitions, and yoga. Ben excels at helping others think better, move better, and feel better through strength and function based training.


Tanessa Shears (BCAK)

Precision Nutrition
Healthy Habits
Women’s Weight Loss

Tanessa helps women build confidence and feel amazing in their skinny jeans – all without counting a single calorie! With over 10 years showing her clients exactly how to drop their unwanted weight, she teaches her clients how to develop sustainable, easy to follow systems. She gets her clients EXACTLY what they want – results. 

Evan Singh (ISSA)

Strength Training
Martial Arts
Weapons Training

Evan has a long history of success in contact based sports and martial arts. As such he likes to implement elements of football, rugby, and karate into his unique training approach. Evan excels at training mental resilience as well as physical and motivates clients to reach their full potential.